When the first rain of the year came today, I had to confirm from my calendar that it was still January. Things are changing so fast. The winds came first and the whooshing as it swept over roofs was so loud you couldn’t here yourself if you shouted. It is a thing unusual for the rain to come in January, unusual yea, but I still brought my excited self out to enjoy the view. It didn’t take so long before the cold breeze got at me, wrapping it’s arms around me like a lover, like a living thing. Too bad I caught the cold very fast, I didn’t stay out long enough to remember to capture the moment. But when the rain was over I spent my time capturing some more living things. And here, I bring you photographs of some living things…

All things bright and beautiful…
All creatures great and small…
Like the lily
This is not a flower. If you know what it is or you can guess, leave a comment. I’d like to hear from you.

I wouldn’t have known these flowers were as beautiful if I hadn’t taken these shots. You should totally try to capture some of the things around you. See them through your camera’s eyes.


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