The day must have started like any other, but it was my birthday’s eve and that made the difference. I needed to go out and I needed it to be somewhere artsy. I had a couple of options but proximity and time made me choose Rele. You know, it was that time in Lagos where you had to watch time you went out if you really wanted to return on the same day. You never knew which roads were blocked by petrol tankers and which roads were not. So it was Rele Art Gallery for me and I set off.

Front View of the Rele Art Gallery

Finding the place was not so tedious a process cos I hadn’t gone alone, I had with me a human google map, someone that could find out any place at all, hahaha, seriously she can.

So on getting there, first thing that struck me was the bold wooden construct on the exterior painted outright black with the word RELE crafted so high up on it. My human google map had said, ” wait, what if this place is a shrine”. Hahahaha, that hit me but well, we had come all the way and we were about to find out if it was or wasn’t. It took us some seconds to figure out the entrance which was by the left by the way.

At the time, there wasn’t much activity going on in there so there was absolutely no form of rowdiness in there. The ambience was just what I wanted. There was so much peace and quiet and I remember writing in a facebook post that you could actually hold a benediction there. We saw the works on display downstairs most of which were abstract paintings, we were then ushered upstairs where we saw dazzling crafts, images made out for ankara prints and some more abstract art.

You might want to visit this beautiful place, you and your art. It’s at Military street Onikan, Lagos. It didn’t take so long before we were good to go. So we did some photographing, signed the visitors log book and left.

Thinking of visiting an art gallery, somewhere calm and cosy? You should try out Rele, they charge no entry fee and you can take photographs inside the gallery, that’s a plus.

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