…what I had cut and distributed was the heart of the cow killed for the occasion, the heart of any animal killed in the home front belongs to the Ada or Adas as the case may be. In the case of a small animal such as a fowl, the Ada of the immediate family gets the heart, but in the case of a big animal such as a cow, the Adas in the whole family get to share the heart, and in this case, the youngest Ada would share and others would pick. The gizzard of a fowl belongs to the man of the house, same as the liver of a cow and other animals, the lower back of a cow belongs generally to the women. The head, feet and intestine of a fowl belongs to the little children, the afoalaato is for the elderly people, the head of the cow is for the male kinsmen and then the neck of the cow belongs to  the slaughterer(s). Though this may vary according the part of Igbo land one hails from.

The place of an Igbo in the body of animals used to be a custom duly upheld, but just like most other customs, it wanes.

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