Small beginnings are noble prospects, and it is said that everything great started small. On the ladder to success, the start point is way below, the start point is the lowest rung and so whatever and whoever must get to the topmost point must start from the lowest point.
An average person has very big dreams, some of which can pass as unachievable owing that the individual is either afraid or unwilling to take the first step.
Never has the story been told about the construction of a building, no matter how small, that was started from the roofing stage. He who wants to end great, must be willing to start small.
Now there is the mustard seed principle which entails having a dream, starting from/with wherever/whatever you are/have at the moment and nurturing than big dream into a big reality. The size of a mustard seed is about the size of a grain of sand but when eventually it grows into a tree, its apex is several feet high up.
In essence, as discouraging as small beginnings may appear, they are noble paths to great endings.
P.S: Only grave diggers are known to begin from the top.

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